As a scholar of African American History, I primarily teach courses in U.S. History and African American History at Salisbury University. The range of courses I teach includes: Black Internationalism, both halves of the African American History survey, both halves of the U.S. History survey, African American Rights and Visual Culture, and Black Women Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement.


My teaching philosophy reflects my commitment to cultivate in my students a skillset that includes critical thinking, cogent argumentation, and provocative curiosity that enables them to evaluate issues in our world. 


I teach history with the goal of motivating students to question what we know about history and how we know it. Requiring that students examine a wide array of primary sources – photographs, poems, diary entries, legal documents – highlights my plan that students use multiple types of evidence to identify historical patterns and craft arguments with and about them. I constantly challenge students to consider the role of contexts, causes, and contingencies in shaping the events and lives of those in the past.