As a scholar of African American History, I primarily teach courses in U.S. History and African American History at Salisbury University. I have designed several new graduate and undergraduate courses such as:

  • Black Radicals and Revolutionaries

  • Black Internationalism

  • African American Rights and Visual Culture

  • Remembering Slavery

These courses complement my regular teaching of both halves of the African American History survey and both halves of the U.S. History survey.

Simply put, I love teaching students how to expand what we know about the past and the present. I’m committed to cultivating in my students a skillset that includes critical thinking, cogent argumentation, and provocative curiosity that enables them to evaluate issues in our world. I teach history with the goal of motivating students to question what we know about history and how we know it. Together, we closely study a wide array of primary sources – photographs, poems, diary entries, legal documents – so that we reconstruct the past with multiple types of evidence. Doing so enables us to identify historical patterns and craft arguments with and about them. I constantly challenge students to consider the role of contexts, causes, and contingencies in shaping the events and lives of those in the past.