My scholarship is informed by, and speaks to, historians of African American history, politics, and culture. Below is a list of my conference and scholarly presentations related to these topics.


Conference Presentations and Invited Talks (selected)


Stealing Freedom: Robert Smalls and Modeling Citizenship.” Midwest Modern Language Association in Chicago, IL. November 2019.

“Producing and Preserving the Self in the Religious Lives of Jarena Lee and Juliann Tillman.” Black Portraiture[s] V: Memory and the Archive at NYU. October 2019.

“Brilliant Contestations: Black Genius in the Early Republic.” Society for Historians of the Early American Republic in Cambridge, MA. July 2019.


“The Circulation and Business of Antislavery Images in the 1830s.” Southern Historical Association Annual Meeting in Birmingham, AL. November 2018.

"William Henry Dorsey and the Archiving of Black Genius.” Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting in Sacramento, CA. Organized panel. April 2018.

"By Word and Image: Teaching Haitian Culture and Politics in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia." American Historical Association. Organized panel. January 2018.


"William Wells Brown's Instructive Views of Slavery." American Studies Association in Chicago, IL. Organized panel. November 2017.

"Vivid and truthful exhibition[s]": Black Abolitionists and Their Moving Panoramas of Slavery." Reckoning with Slavery: New Directions in the History, Memory, Legacy, and Popular Representations of Enslavement Conference at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. November 2017.

"Commemorating Struggle, Correcting the Record: Black Activists' Panoramic Views." Association for the Study of African American Life and History in Cincinnati, OH. Organized panel. September 2017.

"The Challenges and Joys of African American History." Library Company of Philadelphia. Mellon Scholars Presentation. Invited Speaker. June 2017. 


"Assembling Black Archives in Nineteenth Century Philadelphia." Reading, Writing, and World-Making in Nineteenth-Century America. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. November 2016.

"Negotiating Popular Culture and Activism in Early Black Photography." C19 Annual Conference. State College, PA. March 2016.

"Reforming the Reader: Seeing Race in The Narrative of James Williams and The Slave's Friend." American Historical Association in Atlanta, GA. January 2016.


"Flesh Colored Stockings: The Elastic History of Edward Clay's Racial Caricature." American Antiquarian Society's Moving Pictures Conference in Worcester, MA. November 2015.

"Bearing Witness: The Portraits of Early African American Ministers." Association for the Study of African American Life and History in Atlanta GA. September 2015.

"Expanding the Visual Field:" Black Photographers and the Civil War." Society for Historians of the Early American Republic Annual Meeting in Raleigh, NC. July 2015.


"Disparaged and Celebrated: Picturing Contraband Slaves during the Civil War." American Studies association Annual Meeting in Los Angeles. November 2014.

“Patrick Henry Reason, Black Cultural Production, and Abolitionist Engravings.” African American Expression in Print and Digital Culture at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. September 2014.

“Visualizing Equality: African American Champions of Race, Rights, and Visual Culture, 1830-1880.” Library Company of Philadelphia. September 2014. Invited.

“Exhibiting Slavery in the 1850s: Black Abolitionism and the Moving Panorama.” Richards Civil War Era Center, Pennsylvania State University, Emerging Scholar Speaker Series. January 2014. Invited.

“The Multi-Pronged Political Activism of Patrick Henry Reason, 1835-1849.” Salisbury University. January 2014. Invited.


“Fifty-Three Splendid Panoramic Views: The Racial Politics of James Presley Ball Sr.’s Touring Exhibition.” American Studies Association Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. November 2013.

“Envisioning the Possibilities of Haiti and the United States in the Work of Robert Douglass, Jr.” Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting in San Francisco. April 2013.

“‘Composition[s] of No Ordinary Merit’: Robert Douglass Jr., Patrick Henry Reason, and the Struggle for Black Rights in the 1840s.” American History Workshop at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. February 2013.

“Patrick Henry Reason’s Abolitionist Images and Campaigns for Black Voting Rights in New York State.” Triangle African American History Colloquium at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. February 2013.


“Envisioning and Enacting Moral Reform in African American Women's Nineteenth Century Friendship Albums.” Association for the Study of African American Life and History Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh. September 2012.

Invited Commenter for the panel “Cultural Constructions and Colonial Binaries.” Mapping the Atlantic: Digital Humanities and Atlantic Studies Conference at the University of Michigan. April 2012. 


“Painted and Inscribed: Advocating Moral Reform in the Friendship Albums at the Library Company of Philadelphia.”  University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. December 2011. Invited.

“The Art of Racial Politics: The Work of Black Philadelphian Robert Douglass, Jr.” The McNeil Center for Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. October 2011. Invited.

“Compositions of No Ordinary Merit: African American Abolitionist Artist, Patrick Henry Reason.” Mellon Mays Graduate Student Summer Conference. Princeton University. June 2011.

“Visual Interventions: The Abolitionist Images of Patrick Henry Reason, 1835-1849.” Mellon Mays Summer Research Colloquium at Williams College. June 2011. Invited.

Panelist on “Marketing Self-Help: Print Culture, Capitalism and Commodification.” The Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies at the University of Michigan. March 2011. Invited.


“'Drawing the veil of the future aside': The Promotion of African American Artists in The Christian Recorder, 1862-1900.” Mellon Mays Undergraduate Summer Research Colloquium at Williams College. June 2010. Invited.

“Battle Lines Redrawn: Changing Visual Representations of African Americans in Harper’s Weekly and Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper after the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863.” American Political History Conference.Boston University. April 2010.


Chair of “Curator’s Roundtable: Archiving Race and Visual Culture.” Reframing the Color Line: Race and the Visual Culture of the Atlantic World Exhibition and Symposium. University of Michigan. October 2009. Invited.